Updated: December 1, 2021


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The Sunday Group
Cliff Farmer
Oct. 17th EOY
 9:30 at Split Rail on Sundays the Club does not have a tournament.
Celebrating 43 Years of Tournament Competition
Club Officers
Tournament Schedule and Results
USGA Handicap System
Jim Davis is the Club's Membership Chairman and our social media man on Facebook. If you have a facebook account, click on the logo, log in and like the Miller Golf Club. 
The Miller Golf Club will enforce the U.S.G.A. Rule # 6.7 Undue Delay; Slow Play. The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.  Pace of play and slow play addressed on the Amateur Tour.
Jim Davis
Scott Nichols
Barry Sans 
Rodger Jones
Danny Pena
Paul Corbin
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Low Net
Greg Obermeier
Mike Clark
Mario Reyes
Tournament Players Championship
Jeff Hampton
Bob Gutierrez
Hole in One Club
Jim Davis
Jose Esparza
James Shaw
Tommy Hale
Freddy Esparza
Congratulations to Jose Esparza for winning the Tournament Players Championship.
Jose Esparza
Bobbie Wiseman
Chris Hawkins
Gary Callarman
Albatross Club
Scott McMacken
Chief Executive Officer
  Boxcribe, Inc.

Gustavo Martin
John Rowland
Jody Corbet
Par 4 Hole in One
Rudy Avalos
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Or Send your fees to Scott Nichols, 10035 Forester Rd. Sanger Texas, 76266
Golfer of the Year
Thank you to all of our Club Officers for another year of golf. A special thanks goes out to all of our members for their participation this year. We hope to see you back for the 2022 season. If you have comments or suggestions, post in the book.
Paul Krause