Jerry Womack
Frankie Galloway
Randy Rodrique
Kevin Kimbrell
Amzy Bland
Al Espinosa
 In Remembrance.....
Jim Braziel
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G.D. Garza
Pete Robinson
Lynn Bates
Harvey Kohn
Jerry Barber
John Murray
Steve Owen
Todd Gjevre
David Bryan
Denzil Pendergrass               
George Pulido
Bill Casey
Tommy Garcia
Leland Erby
Buddy Walker
Mike Dennis
Rodney McCulley
Joe Womack
Gary Braughton
Steve Plunkett
Mark Zimmer
Bert Qualls
Ron Gilbert
Marlin Shackleford
Sid White
Richard Rodriques
Larry Brown
Jackie Hall
Ignacio Zamora
Eddie Gaither
Pete Martinez
Bubba Gilley
Robert Cato
Ed Cartmill